Not enough ‘respect’ for photography in Singapore, says shutterbug
Singapore photographer Kevin Aloysius Paul thinks that many people in Singapore do not give enough “respect” for photography.
The 39-year-old shutterbug of seven years said this when Yahoo Singapore asked him about the challenges he faces as a photographer here.
“I personally think that many local photographers have really good skills and should be valued better. There are many talented photographers in Singapore who are forced to lower their prices or their value because clients just don’t want to pay,” he said.
Paul, who is also a graphic designer, has a knack for squared black and white photos featuring noteworthy architecture and nature.

His images, which include photos of Swissotel and the UOB building, typically evoke nostalgia and mystery.
“Black and white allows viewers to concentrate better on what photography wants to convey,” he said. “Colour can be too distracting.” he added.
When asked why he prefers squared photos, he said, “As I began using Instagram, I developed a taste for the shape. The shape plus the monotone images are a good combination.”
Instagram is photo a app which only allows squared images to be uploaded. His photographic style is also very much influenced by the music he listens to – he’s a big fan of broody electronic band Depeche Mode.
Paul also loves taking photos of people at social events such as weddings.
“I find it very humbling when families and couples allow me into their lives for a day or a few hours.”

The bulk of his photos can be found on Flickr.
When asked about what he likes about the platform, he said, the platform is “vibrant with many contributors and very capable photographers”.

“I benefit from the many tips and lessons shared and the platform allows me to share pictures with like-minded individuals,” he said.

New meme trend ‘Fakecationing’ lets you show off travel selfies without having to travel

Are you jealous of your friends’ endless “#wanderlust” photos on Instagram? Wished you could also hop on the travel narcissism that’s spreading on the platform right now?

With new meme trend “Fakecationing”, it’s possible. And you don’t have to burn a hole on travelling expenses.

There are a few things needed for a Fakecation photo — a giant monitor, a smartphone and a prop or two.

Pick your choice of location (The Burj perhaps?), find a nice photo of it and flash it on the monitor.

Depending on what you want to “do” at your holiday spot (having lunch or a quick tan?), pick a prop to match — a pair of sunglasses maybe?

You’re now set for your “fakecation” selfie.

Say cheese!

Now, hashtag #wanderlust, hashtag #vacation, hashtag #travel, all you want.

More examples on BuzzFeed.

Tattooed woman photographer overcomes challenges in Singapore
It’s hard to miss 30-year-old photographer Jana Zilcayova when she is out taking photos for clients or at events.
The Slovakia native is easily recognised from afar thanks to the “heavy black” artwork tattooed across her back, the two Thai Buddhist bamboo tattoos on her legs and the two flowers on her feet.
Zilcayova, who has been taking photos of mainly bars and bartenders in Singapore for four years, recently shared with Yahoo Singapore that she initially found it “strange” how a tattooed foreigner like her had very few challenges while trying to make a living taking photographs.

She soon realised that “people with tattoos are often associated with gangsters or prisoners”. But, she said, the stigma is fading, adding that having tattoos is becoming a “norm” in the country.
Zilcayova, who is married to a Singaporean and is pregnant, was inspired by her film teacher mother to take up photography.
After studying documentary filming in the UK, she naturally switched to documentary and travel photography and has since won awards, such as achieving first place at a festival in her home country and second place for a Julia Margaret Cameron prize for women photography.
She hopes to pursue a masters in photography at Lasalle College of the Arts and expand her wedding photography business called, “Inked and Hitched”, where she provide wedding photography services that appeal to couples with tattoos. She also has an events photography business called Ensof which she wishes to expand as well.
Since picking up photography in 2010, Zilcayova has been showcasing her works to clients through her Flickr account. She is still using Flickr even after setting up her website.

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Singapore photographer’s ‘sneaky’ trick to capture this stunning photo

Sometimes, a photographer needs to get really sneaky when trying to capture a great photo. 

In the case of part-time nightlife photographer Harald Lim, he recently shared with Yahoo Singapore that he had to cleverly place a flash at the back of a stage to achieve a “light blasting effect” for a photo during a popular electronic DJ’s performance. The disc jockey, known as Hardwell, performed at Fort Canning Park in September last year.
“Before the show started, I went behind the stage to plant my wireless flash unit… no flash was supposed to be used on stage, so I was rather sneaky,” said the 23-year-old cyber forensics and business information system undergraduate at Murdoch University.
Lim explained how he was able to activate the flash from the front of the stage using the wireless function. However, after a few shots, he soon realised that it had “stopped firing”.

“I went backstage and discovered that his [Hardwell’s] manager used a towel to cover it. So… clearly he had discovered it. Fortunately, I had the shot,” Lim said.

Before embarking on nightlife and music photography in 2009, Lim took photos for children’s dance performances and birthday parties. He stopped photographing these events as they did not give “as much adrenaline” as music shows or nightlife events.
When asked about his first experience photographing a music show – it was local indie rock music festival Baybeats — he remembered how the crowd was “chaotic” and constantly “pushing” him.
“I had to snap whatever I could and quickly get out of the situation,” Lim said.
Would Lim consider taking on photography as a full-time job?
It appears that the issues surrounding music photographers in Singapore might have dampened his spirits.
“There are more photographers out there than jobs… lots of undercutting of rates to secure jobs. That being said, it happens to every industry,” said Lim, whose family members are supportive of his work, but dislike the irregular hours that has “messed up” his sleep schedule.

Lim has been using Flickr since August 2009.
“Flickr has helped me to collate all my work together and allow me to show my clients specific albums they are interested in. The photos uploaded onto Flickr are also in high-res formats, showing the sharpness and quality of my photos to my clients,” he said.